Tricky Areas to Clean

Today I'm talking about how often one should clean tricky areas of the home. I've had many customers ask how often they need to clean the top of the fridge, the door frames, etc.  Here are a few of the top places you should clean and how often.

1. The top of the refrigerator - This should be done once a month.  We have seen some really dirty refrigerator tops. Usually the refrigerator is really close to the stove/oven, so the dust on top of the refrigerator gets mixed in with grease and it can make an awful mess. Most customers we clean for like to store stuff on top of the refrigerator, so you can imagine how greasy and dusty it gets. Make the top of your refrigerator a regular part of your kitchen cleaning routine. If you do it at least once a month, it's easier to tackle.

2. Don't forget to clean the tops of door frames, etc. - When you’re dusting, don’t forget the tops of door frames, picture frames, the doorbell box, your smoke detectors, the thermostat, and anything else that hangs on your wall. These detail items are usually missed during regular Saturday morning cleanings. If this isn’t done once a month you will find that keeping up with them can become a large task in and of itself. Did you know most smoke detector false alarms are due to dust build up in and around the detector. To avoid that 2 a.m. wake up scare, dust these at least once a month.
3. The back sides of your faucets - This is something that is easy to miss and should be done weekly. The area behind your faucets is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. The littlest amount of water splashed back there each time you turn the faucet on can build up over time to cause a nasty mess. Remember, faucets are in the two dirtiest areas of your home, kitchens and bathrooms. Add standing water to the mix and you have yourself a homemade Petri dish.
4. Underneath and behind appliances that sit on the counter - Appliances should be cleaned underneath and behind at least twice a month. Remember, it isn’t just food crumbs that get behind appliances, but dust, and anything else that find its way back there. Most homes that we see don’t look that bad. But there are those few times when we have move the microwave to clean behind it and you would have thought that the microwave was storing bread crumbs for Y2K and still hadn’t eaten them. Take a few minutes twice a month and run a microfiber rag behind and under your appliances. You will be happy you did.

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