Many companies claim to be "organic" or green cleaners--and they will charge you additional. However, with Healthy Clean™, green cleaning does not mean expensive cleaning. We provide outstanding value at a price that our competitors cannot match. Here is what you can expect from a Healthy Clean Ongoing Clean:

All Rooms:

  • Cobwebs removed up to 12 feet                                                                                                
  • Wall/room decor, ceiling fans and lamp shades cleaned or dusted; items lifted when possible 
  • All furniture cleaned or dusted; sofas and chairs dusted (surfaces hand vacuumed as needed)
  • Sofa/chairs cushions occasionally removed and vacuumed underneath, upon request only
  • Window sills and frames, blinds and shades dusted when (spot cleaned when accessible). Not responsible for damage to blinds
  • Entry doors' glass cleaned inside and out when accessible and weather permitting 
  • Wall plates/switches, light fixtures, baseboards, vent surfaces, doors, door frames, door handles, handrails,  and railings, cleaned or dusted when accessible
  • Electronics dry dusted (will not use any product on electronics)
  • Wastebaskets emptied
  • Floors vacuumed/mopped, including under items easily moved with two hands (no heavy lifting/moving)
  • Beds made (top bunk beds excluded) 
  • Pet feeding bowl/mats lifted and cleaned under


  • Shower wall, shower pans, tubs, sinks and faucets, and counter tops cleaned, disinfected and shined. (Shower caddies and contents are not included)
  • Vanity lights cleaned as needed (height restrictions may apply)
  • Inside and outside of toilet bowl, base and exterior of tank cleaned, disinfected and shined
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Cabinet doors spot cleaned as needed. Handles cleaned
  • Baseboards cleaned
  • Waste baskets emptied. Exterior cleaned


  • Sink and faucets cleaned, disinfected and shined. Sink must be free of dishes (we do not clean dishes)
  • Range hood or under built-in microwave (where accessible), stove top, range front (sides when exposed) cleaned and shined
  • Control knobs cleaned (removed and cleaned when possible)
  • Microwave cleaned and shined inside and out
  • Refrigerator front cleaned and shined. Top and sides cleaned if accessible
  • Counter tops cleaned, disinfected and shined (small counter top items & small appliances lifted, cleaned and cleaned under)
  • Cabinet doors  spot cleaned as needed. Cabinet handles/pulls cleaned
  • Waste baskets emptied. Exterior cleaned

 NOTE: All cleaning is restricted to accessibility without standing on counter tops, appliances and furniture 

Laundry Room:

  • Washer and Dryer front cleaned. Top and sides cleaned if accessible

Upon Request with additional charges:

  • All bed linens changed with every cleaning (top bunk beds excluded)
  • Refrigerator interior cleaned. Customer must remove and replace contents
  • Interior oven cleaning (Self cleaning ovens only)
  • Large appliances cleaned behind and underneath. Customer must move appliances for accessibility
  • Sofa/chair cushions removed and vacuumed underneath with every cleaning
  • Detailed dusting of heavily knick knack's areas (call for details)
  • Interior window glass, frames, tracks and sills cleaned (height restrictions may apply)
  • Baseboard detail cleaning

* Dusting implies removal of dust only.    * Cleaning implies wet rag with product to remove dirt and grime.

Note: Our cleaners will only use Healthy Clean -approved "green" products.

Special Items: Customers that have collectibles, heirlooms, or irreplaceable items, we request that they be removed or they may be subject to Healthy Cleans' disclaimer. Please see below.



Healthy Clean requires its employees to exercise reasonable care in cleaning your home, and Healthy Clean will only pay claims for breakage/damage where Healthy Cleans employees have failed to meet the standard of care of a reasonable person performing the task of cleaning.  Please be aware that breakages/damages can occasionally occur even where Healthy Cleans employees were exercising an appropriate level of reasonable care, and in such cases Healthy Clean will not be liable for any breakage/damage.



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